Dear Customers,

We experienced outage on 01 September 2020 on our main Hyper-V cluster affecting some hosting services.
A few systems failed around the same time causing extended outage.
At first, we tried to restart service on the main server cluster.
That did not work as planned so we attempted to migrate servers to a second Hyper-V cluster. The second cluster was working fine but it experienced issue when we prepared to do migration. As a result, we had to resolve issue with second cluster while working on a plan for main cluster.
Next step to solve issue for servers in the main cluster, we tried to reconfigure cluster and recover data. When recovery process started, we found new issue with data copy which took abnomally long time due to some unknown hardware conflict.
Eventually, we decided to set up new Hyper-V cluster and migrate servers to the new cluster.
Currently all affected servers are back up and running. We are monitoring issues on each server.
This incident affected our website, support site and clients area site. As such, we could not send out notification and updates to customers.
We deeply apologize for the inconveniences caused by this problem.
Server admin team have been working non-stop in the last 2 days to bring service back online.
This is the first time we had such serious outage in more than 15 years of operation.
Thank you for your patience and support.

Kind Regards,
PremiumReseller Support Team

Thursday, September 3, 2020

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